Perception of AI

The potential of AI is equivalent to that of other technological revolutions of the past, with applications ranging from the most everyday to the most revolutionary, from the music we listen to to the discovery of drugs or planets eons away. This chapter offers a first approach to the perception of AI in Latin America at the level of public opinion. Public opinion was considered as those open publications in cyberspace, specifically media and messages in social networks in the 12 countries measured in the ILIA, grouped into 5 regions. The two groups of messages were analyzed separately, with the aim of identifying differences in perception and prevailing elements in the discussion.

Understanding the perception of AI in Latin America is fundamental, because it defines the legitimacy of the advancement of the discipline, both at the level of public and private funding, as well as from the perspective of penetration and use of the technology. If the perception of AI in the region is negative or distrustful, this could limit its development and adoption, which in turn could have negative consequences for economic growth and social welfare in the region.

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